Hammoudeh became the major shareholder of Jordan Poultry Processing and Marketing Co Plc. in 1998 in order to complement and further integrate the group’s own poultry activities, although it also serves other Jordanian poultry farms.

By purchasing chickens from farmers in a smooth and systematic way, it helps to sustain these local agro businesses. At the same time, it provides the local market with high quality wholesome fresh and frozen chicken, processed under the most stringent hygiene and quality controls.

Since the introduction of the Hammoudeh Group, Jordan Poultry has been certified for both the ISO 9001 quality assurance and the HACCP food safety systems.

When offering quality we also mean environmental quality. Hammoudeh shares society’s concern for the environment and is committed to environmentally sound business practices where the output from the slaughterhouse water treatment plant irrigates 20 hectares of olive groves.

General information

Founded : 1987

: Al-Dhulil

Products : Fresh and frozen chicken, whole and cuts

Production Capacity : 10,000 birds per hour

Employees : 450 full time

Contact Us:

Jordan Poultry Processing & Marketing Co. Plc.

Management:Mr. Abdul Hadi Hammoudeh
E-mail: abdul-hadi@hammoudehpoultry.com
Tel: +962 6 505 3607
Fax:+962 6 506 0032