Finished feed

Jordan Feed Company was one of the first Jordanian companies to respond to the demand for ready feed for poultry, and cattle farms. It was launched in 1964 with technical assistance from the specialized well-known Dutch firm (Provimi). Few years later, Hammoudeh captured the loyalty of its customers, and by the end of the 1960s, the leadership of the feed market in Jordan.
It is a symbol of the continuous diversification and expansion that eventually led to the birth of the Hammoudeh Group.

Hammoudeh is dedicated to the research and development of new concepts for animal nutrition. Technologies to develop and add value continually for animals and their owners are engineered into our current product range. These include state of the art nutritional innovations. Therefore, it was not difficult for Hammoudeh to build a prestigious trademark in the local market.

The high prestige of Hammoudeh results from a close relationship with its customers, a deep knowledge of its needs and wants, and an active valued technical team that constantly develop and adjust the nutritional programs, in accordance with the practical knowledge resulting from Hammoudeh’s farms that gather their information on different climatic and husbandry situations.

Hammoudeh’s feed plant has been expanding since the 1960s; it began with 5 metric tons an hour, and is now the largest and most modern in Jordan. Its overall production capacity stands at 75 metric tons per hour (45 MT per hour for crumbled and pelleted feed).
Hammoudeh holds the largest share of the local ready feed market. It also provides other Hammoudeh animal businesses with feed. Additionally, the feed plant maintains a storage capacity of 25,000 MT for grains and other raw materials required for the production process. Major raw materials are supplied based on a pull system by other Hammoudeh businesses; Hammoudeh grain and Provimi Jordan.

Hammoudeh feed plant was the first in Jordan to receive an ISO 9001-2008 quality certification, and the first in the Middle-East to receive a HACCP food safety system certification. Our quality control system uses the most precise analysis methods, to control raw materials and finished products. This was made possible by the continuous collaboration and quality integration of Hammoudeh Feed, Hammoudeh Grain, Jordan Chemicals and Provimi Jordan.

Our laboratories do thousands of tests and non-conformity inspections per year.

Hammoudeh feed is present everywhere in Jordan in all market segments, from the big animals to poultry and even aquaculture. Branches throughout the country provide our customers with all the products they need, as well as technical service and assistance from professional agricultural engineers and veterinarians.

Hammoudeh feed has already become an industry leader, and we continue to develop our local and regional presence.


Jordan Feed Co. Ltd.

Management: Mr. Fares S. Hammoudeh
Sales & Marketing: Mr. Nael Al Ashhab
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